TOEFL is for students who are planning to attend international colleges or universities focusing more on academic studies. LIT’s TOEFL program is designed to focus not only on the four components of the test: reading, writing, listening and speaking, but the test taking skills necessary to effectively tackle each of the components.

This complete three-month course offers extensive practice in the different questions types that are presented in the reading and listening components; strengthen grammar, vocabulary, and different sentence structures used in writing; build confidence by improving fluency and intonation in speaking.

As TOEFL is very structured and precisely timed, students will learn to control and effectively complete components within time limit. Students will work on time management to ensure important content is presented in their responses in speaking. Students will learn the skills necessary for not only TOEFL, but also future academic studies. Every Friday, students will have a practice mock TOEFL test to evaluate their progress. During the week, there are two 90-minute sessions where students will be able to improve and fine-tune their skills. By the end of the course, students will be able to complete the test with confidence and improve their TOEFL scores.